Q: What does it [ cost ] to join?

A: There are [ two ] fees at enrollment: initial enrollment & inventory.
1. Enrollment kit $149 - includes A&D swag and some sweet business essentials that you didn't even [ know ] were essen
2. Inventory packages 

+++ $2,000 
+++ $3500 + $100 in FREE credit [ to purchase more inventory ]
+++ $5000 = $250 in FREE credit [ to purchase more inventory ]

Your inventory is 100% [ curated ] BY YOU. 
You have complete control over the STYLES, SIZES, COLORS >>> all the things!!! 

Q: Which kit should I get?

A: whichever fits in your budget, of course - ideally the $5,000 kit - because your return on investment will be higher with that free inventory credit!

Q: Can I order what I want?

A: Yes, we have complete control over what we want to carry/order down to the style, size, and color of a piece!

Q: Is there a minimum order requirement monthly?

A: To remain an active rep >>> there is a $100 order minimum per month. 

Individual order minimum is $100.

Additionally, if you would like to receive inventory credits for any team that you may have you need to place a minimum of $500/month to receive those credits. 

Q: How many reps are there?

A: Currently there are about 3,000 reps in the US & Canada.

Q: How long is the wait?

A: Agnes & Dora prides itself on controlled growth, so they are on-boarding responsibly and this time frame can change. 

Q: What training/support will I have?

A: Our team offers training's and support 24/7 via team pages and conference calls and Headquarters has weekly training's as well.

Q: What is the difference between LuLaroe and Agnes & Dora?

A: I encourage you to do your own research on the differences! If you are a former LLR retailer, please [ contact me ] and we can chat.

Q: What is the standard for quality control?

A: A&D takes quality control VERY seriously. They hold the manufacturers responsible for anything that is not up to their standards. 

Because of that we have less than 2% defect rate. For those defects the company has a great “Flawsome” policy and we are quickly reimbursed.

Q: Is it an MLM?

A: The A&D business model is not an MLM - it is a straight wholesale to retail inventory model. 
If you choose to mentor a [ team ] you are compensated for your leadership with a bonus of inventory credits to use toward continuing to build your business. 

Q: How do I become an Independent Agnes & Dora Rep?

By completing the information below your information will be submitted for the wait-list